About Us – Ntawm Peb Lub Koomhaum

Our Vision/Mission

The Hmong American Friendship Association envisions a healthy, educated, and empowered Southeast Asian community. Our mission is to improve the self-sufficiency of the Southeast Asian community and to preserve and share its culture throughout the Greater Milwaukee Area.

Our Goals

  • Help families become healthy and self-sufficient
  • Preserve and promote our cultural heritage
  • Help children learn and play
  • Prepare young people for work
  • Foster an appreciation of our cultural heritage
  • Assist families in overcoming barriers for growth and self sustenance
  • Provide translation, interpretation and referral services
  • Help workers secure employment
  • Assist families in buying homes
  • Assist refugees in becoming citizens
  • Pay heating bills and provide information about utility programs
  • Provide translation and referral services
  • Support and honor our elderly population

Board of Directors

Jacquelyn Rice – Saint Charles

Donald A. Cohen – Landmark Credit Union

Board Member
Christopher T. Ament- Sentry Insurance

Board Member
Anthony D. Smith – Childrens Hospital

Board Member
Thonghni Vang Xiong – Lakeview Funeral Home & Kajsiab Senior Center

Board Member
Maijer Sayaovang Lee – Next Door Foundation

Board Member
Ter Her – MATC

Executive Director
Lo Neng Kiatoukaysy – Hmong American Friendship Association Inc