HAFA is a non-profit organization funded by non-profit institutions and government agencies to improve the quality of life for Asian families. We work in collaboration with other programs and agencies to serve members of the Southeast Asian population in the Greater Milwaukee area.

HAFA yog ib lub koom haum uas tau nyiaj los ntawm tsoom fwv thiab lwm lb koom haum loj. Peb koom tes nrog rau lwm lub koom haum thiab tsoom fwv los mus tshawb nrhiav kuv pab cuam thiab kev pab daws teeb-meem pub pab rau peb cov neeg Esxias uas nyob ib cheeb tsam hauv nroog Milwaukee.

Southeast Asians have continued to arrive in Wisconsin as refugees. Between 2002 and 2016, 8605 refugees fled Myanmar (Burma) or Laos and have settled in Wisconsin. Most came to Milwaukee to start their new lives. Refugee families face both language and cultural barriers as they seek to become integrated in their new communities.