About Us – Ntawm Peb Lub Koomhaum

Our Vision/Mission

The Hmong American Friendship Association envisions a healthy, educated, and empowered Southeast Asian community. Our mission is to improve the self-sufficiency of the Southeast Asian community and to preserve and share its culture throughout the Greater Milwaukee Area.

Our Goals

  • Help families become healthy and self-sufficient
  • Preserve and promote our cultural heritage
  • Help children learn and play
  • Prepare young people for work
  • Help job seekers secure employment
  • Help workers secure employment
  • Assist families in buying homes
  • Assist refugees in becoming citizens
  • Pay heating bills and provide information about utility programs
  • Provide translation and referral services
  • Support and honor our elderly population
  • Provide healthy food to our community

Board of Directors

Jacquelyn Rice

Donald A. Cohen

Board Member
Christopher T. Ament

Board Member
Anthony D. Smith 

Board Member
Thonghni Vang Xiong

Board Member
Maijer Sayaovang Lee 

Board Member
Ter Her

Executive Director
Lo Neng Kiatoukaysy